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Does Age Difference Matter in International Dating?

April 15, 2016

Does age difference really matter in love and relationship? Or is it something that couples can work their way round it and experience their relationship forever?

They say age is just a number. And, I concur with that notion. It is indeed a number that cannot overpower emotional connect and psychological comfort in a relationship. When we talk about age difference in any love relationship, we are reminded of couples who have successful relationships despite of their vast age difference. Look at some lovely couples such as Woody Allen’s and Soon-Yi Previn, Alec Baldwin’s and Hilaria Thomas, and Michael Douglas’ and Catherine Zeta-Jones. These are examples of successful relationships that have proven that age is just any number.

Age difference in a relationship is not an issue if the intentions of both partners are honest. But, if an older man is dating a young woman to re-assure himself that he is still sexually attractive, or an older woman dating a younger man to seek security, then these relationships are doomed to fail even before they begin. However, if it is based on similar interest and values, and pure love, then the relationship may stand the test of time, despite the age gap.

In addition, sometimes age difference has a positive influence on both partners. More often, the younger partner in the relationship brings sparks of life and oodles of energy to the older partner. At the same time, the older partner provides the younger partner with the much needed emotional security.

But, is this always the case?

On the flip side, age difference sometimes is very challenging especially in social situations. Partners with vast age difference find it hard to adjust with each others friends and family. And, like any other normal love relationship, these relationships have their own ups and downs. So, how do you deal with the differences?

Dealing with the differences

1. Maintaining maturity bar

All love relationships that wish to experience forever have to maintain a certain level of maturity. This means that both partners in the relationship have to accept certain drawbacks brought by their age difference, and learn to work on the drawbacks as one.

2. Find common goals

Due to the age difference, it’s only common for the individuals to have different life goals. For instance, the younger partner might not want to get into serious commitment and have children, while the older one might be looking to settle and start a family. When faced with such a problem, the couple should be able to find common goals and work together to achieve them.

3. Insecurities

Insecurities in any relationship can create a lot of self esteem problems. The older partner may feel insecure about his younger lover especially if they are very attractive. In such a situation, the right thing to do for the younger partner to do is to re-assure his/her partner through his words and actions.



All that said, it is crystal clear that love relationships with vast age difference can work like any other partnership. They only require devotion, love, honesty and communication.

How Old Is Love?

April 15, 2016

People always say that love is a feeling that can’t be calculated or subjected to our own will. It simply happens, or it simply doesn’t. However, love can complicate our lives, especially if there’s something that can possibly become a big problem, like your age. Who would have though that a number can have so much power? And even though some would say that it’s just that, a number, many obstacles may arise. In most cases the greatest issue is the disapproving of your family members, but is this really the reason why you should end the relationship?

It is already an acknowledged fact that men tend to pursue younger women. That is perfectly explicable, and very often it is reciprocated. Namely, young women are attracted to mature men, since they can see in them the necessary dose of responsibility, stability, support, as well as charm which men get with experience. So, in this case, the feelings may be mutual. This is definitely flattering for every man (to have young and gorgeous woman beside him), so age gap is pretty much on his side.

Unfortunately, the majority of society still has prejudices when it comes to the situation where an elderly lady is with a young man. It is very uncomfortable position for a woman, so a big number of female population rejects the very thought of being with much younger man. On the other hand, the younger person in a relationship may start to question the decision to cope with all the upcoming problems. But, what if the gap is just too wide to overcome?

There are couples who are a whole generation apart. This may provoke many additional troubles: the different way of thinking, the communication problem, health issues, and the list could go on. But, here’s the catch: there ARE couples who maintain their relationship, even if we’re talking about 20-years-age-gap. Nowadays, when we all live in a liberal, more flexible world, why should something so beautiful and magnificent as love be denied? If there’s a possibility to find your true soul mate, does it actually matter how old is that soul?

Let’s stick to the one simple truth: love has no limits. If the feelings are strong and sincere, then love should prevail. In every successful marriage, or relationship, what really matters is the trust, the connection, the unforgettable moments that create precious memories, that special sparkle in someone’s eyes. It is just as Mark Twain once said: if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Why single Ukrainian women interested in marriage abroad?

September 6, 2014

It is no secret, all women including the Ukrainian ladies what to have an ideal husband. The ideal man should not only love them, but should also be handsome, smart and rich. However, chances of you meeting that special person when you work all day long are very low. Luckily it has become easier for almost everybody to look for a partner online. If you are not lucky in your local market, dating internationally can be your way out and this has become very popular among the Ukrainian women.
When it comes to settling down, intellect, charisma, tolerance, loving and caring nature are some of the things that one can ask for from a partner. There is nothing worse than marrying the wrong partner. Ego conflicts now and then are very rare when you get a nice Ukrainian bride. They are very supportive and understanding.

So, why are the single Ukrainian women interested in marriage abroad? There are numerous answers to this questions. The reasons may be three namely: Dream, Necessity and Reality.

being little girls, there are a lot of fairy stories about the prince that lived abroad and one day came to rescue the princess. So a Ukrainian woman may think that everything in life is not how she wanted it to be. This drives her into looking for a man who would take her to a place with no worries and boredom. So for any man looking for a Ukrainian woman it is very easy to find the dreamer and become the real prince from overseas to her.

Most of the Ukrainian women look for marriage abroad because they think that marrying a local man would mean that they end up not having a happy family life. It is quite obvious that the population difference between men and women in Russia is noticeable. This means that the Ukrainian man takes time in deciding which woman to choose as a life partner. The Ukrainian woman will get tired of waiting for the beloved one to pop the question and thus seek for a foreign man.

For many Ukrainian brides, getting married and relocating to a foreign country is not something extraordinary. When they find a man they love, they want to be with him throughout. They know that this is a modern life and people are constantly moving in search of happiness. Having found an ideal man, it takes less time in deciding whether you want to be with him even if the distance is vast.

In other words, if you are looking for Ukrainian brides. Keep in mind that you will have a great and wonderful opportunity to become the ideal husband and make one more woman very happy.

Meeting Ukrainian women has become much easier than ever

March 5, 2014

Meeting Ukrainian women has become much easier than ever. This is because there is a huge gap between the number of males and females in Russia and the society looks down on unwedded, childless women. This reason has made Ukrainian women prepare to meet any men especially those from the western nations. Be aware, there are many fraudulent websites with the capabilities of making your experience in meeting these women disastrous so check on the website’s reputation before fully engaging yourself. The following are the steps on how to meet Ukrainian women.

1. The first step is finding a reputable website that specializes in giving opportunities to meet women from Russia. Read testimonial and reviews from previous men who have used the same service just to make sure it has a good reputation.

2. Register and create a profile about yourself. Take note there is a high competition for these women’s attention and therefore get as detailed as the site allows. Be honest and upfront about yourself.

3. Find women whom you are attracted to by browsing their profile. Most sites give their clients the privilege of picking and saving their favorites as they are browsing.

4. Contact the women you have laid your interest in via email or even the phone call or by mailing. In most cases, email is often the preferred means since they are fast and convenient. However, it is important you realize that most reputable companies handle the initial communication and translation hence the email might take time before they reach the correct recipient. Therefore, it is advisable to send several letters to several women since most of them get letters from different men and incase some of them decide not to respond, you will still be in the right place.

5. Arrange for a face-to-face meeting with her. You will have to arrange for your trip abroad since it will be very difficult for her to get a tourist visa. During the visits, ensure that you save the receipts from your travel. These receipts will be enough evidence of your existing relationship and it will be easy to prove that to the immigration officer when you will be bringing her back into your country. The first meeting with the Ukrainian girl is very critical and it is a common tradition that you carry a gift for her and her family. Most Ukrainian women are simple; a simple bouquet of flowers for her and a few souvenirs from your country to her parents and siblings often creates a good impression about yourself.


Ukrainian women want equality in their relationships and marriages

February 22, 2014

Ukrainian women are among the most amazing brides across the world, but the fact that they are too much into online dating has led to plenty of negative talks about their credibility as life partners and their general code of conduct. Some blogs and online dating reviews have and are still busy spreading baseless rumors and disgusting myths about Ukrainian women in a bid to demoralize potential suitors from approaching Ukrainian women for a hand in marriage. However, if you are seriously looking for a Ukrainian bride for a lifetime companion, such negativity should not worry you too much. Ukrainian women are the exact opposite of all the bad things people say about them. Otherwise, here are some of the real facts about Ukrainian women.


Ukrainian women are hardworking and industrious 

Unlike other western women, Ukrainian brides are hardworking. The school of thought that these beautiful women are lazy and only want to fed by their men is wrong and unwarranted. A typical Ukrainian woman likes to work and earn her own money. Even if the husband is able enough to provide her with everything, a Ukrainian woman cannot afford to sit at home and wait for incentives and gifts from her husband. Instead, she goes out to seek employment to subsidize what her man is bringing home. 


Ukrainian women are more concerned with inner beauty as opposed to outside looks and wealth  

Contrary to the general opinion, Ukrainian women are not out to hunt for handsome and wealthy men all over the internet. These women are not like some of the western women, who love based on beauty and wealth. To the contrary, a Ukrainian woman will want to have a man who is so true and genuine even if the man is not financially stable or charming in the way he looks. Therefore, don’t be scared away by what people say about Ukrainian women, when the reality is so different from what people think.


Ukrainian women want equality in their relationships and marriages 

Ukrainian women don’t like to be treated like housewives and be controlled totally by their men. Instead, they always want to have equal roles in their relationships and marriages. Therefore, you need rubbish the silly rumors going over the internet that Ukrainian women like to be ruled by their husbands. In addition, you must not let such baseless criticisms prevent you from finding real love by finding a Ukrainian bride.

Interesting facts about Ukrainian women that will simply amaze you

February 4, 2014

Every country in this world is different in terms of its politics, its economy and its culture. Moreover, men and women are also different when looked at from the perspective of their home countries. For example, Ukrainian women are very different from the rest of the world’s women in certain respects. This is because they grow in different cultural, religious and economic settings as compared to other women from the rest of the world. Here are some interesting facts about Ukrainian women that will simply amaze you.

Ukrainian Women Are Highly Intellectual

Ukraine was home to the Soviet regime for decades. The Soviets had a flawed economic system but they placed a great emphasis on the education of each citizen. The current government in Ukraine still pursues this policy under a capitalistic system. This is why over ninety-two percent of all Ukrainians have completed secondary school. Therefore, it is not surprising for you to find Ukrainian women who are beautiful in addition to possessing an in-depth knowledge of world affairs, economics, politics and even science.

Ukrainian Women Love Style and Comfort

Can you imagine growing up in Ukraine’s bitter cold? Well, Ukrainian women have lived with this cold all their lives. Therefore, a Ukrainian woman’s love for fur coats should not come as a surprise to you. These coats keep them warm in the harsh Ukrainian weather in addition to being a fashion accessory. You should also note that Ukraine has had and still has very close connection with Asia. Trading in silver, gold and other precious stones has always defined this connection with Asia. This is why Ukrainian women have developed a taste for fine jewellery including precious stones.

Ukrainian Women Are Extremely Sexy and Beautiful

Unlike many other women from the rest of the world, Ukrainian women live in a cold climate that is not harsh to their skin texture or complexion. These women also have a touch of Asian and European hereditary traits. These traits make them look different and extremely pleasant to people from outside Ukraine. Moreover, most Ukrainian women have a sand-clock shape. This makes their curves all the more attractive to non-Ukrainians.
These are all the facts that you need to know about Ukrainian women. As you can now tell, they would make lovely companions for any man and not just Ukrainian men. Go on. Try to spark up a relationship with a Ukrainian woman today and see if it works out.


Facts Worth Knowing About Ukrainian Brides

January 24, 2014

Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful women in the world. Their charm and beauty are awesome for any man who wants to have a fabulous life partner. However, these women have suffered a bad reputation in the past years. Many people have debunked plenty of baseless lies and hearsays about the conduct and general personalities of these innocent loving women. To counter this, here are some of the amazing facts about Ukrainian women that you need to know if you are planning to date one.


They work hard to earn income to the family

Unlike many women around the world, Ukrainian women don’t just sit there and wait for their men to provide for all the needs of their households. Instead, these women go out to look for jobs. For this reason, they are the most helpful women in the world, when it comes to subsidizing the income of the household. They are not the type of women who will just sit at home and wait for their husband to bring everything for them. They are the leading hardworking women in the world, competing for job opportunities with men in the job market. To be precise, some of the Ukrainian women are currently heading bigger business organizations in the world. Therefore, you should rubbish the myths going around that these women just sit at home and wait for their husbands to provide everything for them.


They instill ethics and good morals in their children

With the high level of permissiveness in the society today, men are looking for women who can help bring up morally upright children in the family. If you are among such men, then you need to get yourself one of the Ukrainian women. These women are known for their ability to instill good morals in their children. Therefore, if you need a life partner who will settle for nothing to ensure that the children in the family are grounded, a Ukrainian woman is all you need.


They abide by the family values

These beautiful creatures show overwhelming respect to family values. In fact, they work extra hard to foster the family values to their children. Interestingly, these women will do all they can to make sure that they are at the center of their families’ affection. They also show overwhelming respect to their husbands, meaning that if you marry a Ukrainian woman, your marriage is most likely to be a happy one, as opposed to when you marry other western women.


Some Down Sides To The Army Of Brides Website

August 28, 2013

Oksana Age: 23 | City: Novosibirsk, Russia | Looking for a partner up to 50

Army of Brides has become a very popular website where men chat and email Russian women on the internet. It’s generally used by those men who are searching for a bride. There happen to be a wide range of ladies who are from the Soviet countries. Russia as well as Ukraine are the general areas in which the ladies are from. Estonia, Belarus and Lithuania are also represented on this particular website. After you have searched and found a few ladies you may be interested in, then you get to chat with them, review their profiles, and look through their photos. There are a few women who choose to create video profiles; which actually gives the men a better idea of who they are chatting with online.

 This particular website is also known for being a letter writing website. It is free to become of a member of this website, although it does cost each time you would like to send or receive a letter from a special lady. The wonderful thing about websites such as this one is that you are able to correspond with these ladies who generally cannot write or speak any English. Unfortunately writing and sending letters can get a little expensive. Just a couple letters over a few days will certainly cause the price to add up fast.

 There are other sites similar to this one, although they tend to be much more costly. Another down side to this particular site is that sometimes there is fraudulent behavior. Some of the profiles can be fake and then the gentlemen paying money are actually talking with a person who doesn’t exist. No matter what, there is also a cost for a translation service. 

 Often times if a lady has become spoken for and is dating another man, their profile isn’t removed from the site. This is bad if a different man is sending money to talk with her. Also many of the emails sent are not real. The email notes don’t actually say anything, except a standard paragraph with a lot of lovey stuff in it; sent out to everyone. The problem being that it would take hundreds of letters before you could actually discover any information out about a particular woman.


August 13, 2013

Meeting your better half on the internet is not a crime of passion. It has become nowadays fastest and easiest means of finding a life partner. However, not many are careful of those they meet on these social sites. One is ready to go an extra mile just to have a relationship with this particular person. No matter the case, it is important for one to be extremely careful in such matters. This is because; it can be a really great loss if one gets cheated. There are different matrimonial and dating sites that are advertising Russian mail orders brides. In such sites, it is important to be very careful and to always hold risks of being scammed since such sites are flooded with cheats and con artists. It is not easy to know that someone is cheating just by looking at their pictures and interacting with them. However, there are different things one can spot to know whether the particular site has Russian mail order brides scams. One of the things one may come across is this particular woman with come up with different ways to make you feel sorry for them but in real sense, their ultimate goal is to make you send them money.

 There are different reasons that this bride will bring up some of which include; they want to see you but do not have funds for travelling and accommodation. Another bride scam is they may send you an email explaining of how they need translation services to read your letters but do not have money for it, some might fake an accident in order for you to help pay their hospital bills, and others will even go an extreme of creating a story just for you to sympathize with them.

 In order for one to avoid Russian mail order brides scams, it is best to do adequate research on a particular site before signing up and even before pulling out your credit card. It is important to realize that not most women that one will find on mail orders are real and are truly hoping to find love and get married.

How to Avoid Ukrainian Brides Dating Scams

July 25, 2013

the only way you can avoid Ukrainian Brides Dating Scams is to visit and use a recognized and legit dating website. Dating scams have been rampant in the recent past, which is largely attributed to people using unreliable and unverified dating websites. At a time and age where the virtual market place is full of so many unscrupulous people looking to reap you off your hard-earned cash, or worse, it makes perfect sense to ensure you get your Ukrainian Bride from a dating site that is recognized.

A dating site that is not only recognized on the internet but also in the physical world should be your top priority. After all, the internet is just a medium through which you meet your Ukrainian Bride. There is always life after the first meet up, which takes place outside of the internet – in the real world.

The good news is that all who have used reliable Ukrainian brides dating site have managed to effectively avoid Ukrainian Brides Dating Scams. Such is a dating website that has been in existence for a considerably longer period of time, and which values and respects the privacy of its members. The dating website should have a long standing tradition of excellence, and thousands of success stories of living happily thereafter should have been written straight from such a dating website.

Irina ,30

Irina ,30

Liliya, 38

Liliya, 38

Ludmila, 50

Ludmila,  50

Elena, 40

Elena, 40

Liliya, 44

Liliya,  44

Anna, 30

Anna, 30

Oksana, 37 | USA Gallery

Oksana, 37 | USA Gallery

Nadezda, 47

Nadezda, 47

Tatiana, 43

Tatiana, 43

Zlata, 38

Zlata, 38

Ekaterina, 27

Ekaterina, 27

Dasha, 44

Dasha, 44

Anastasia, 23

Anastasia, 23

Natalia, 40

Natalia, 40

Yaroslava, 20

Yaroslava, 20

Katrin, 41

Katrin, 41

Nataliya, 42

Nataliya, 42

Alexandra, 31

Alexandra,  31

Anna, 19

Anna, 19

Irena, 34

Irena, 34

Vladlena, 22

 Vladlena,  22