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June 12, 2018

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Odessa is the clearest example of the fact that the republic, established with the breakup of the Soviet Union, offers a modern lifestyle and attractions for all types of tourists.

March 21, 2018

Ukraine offers its visitors far more than a visit to the tombs of the righteous and a tour of its roots. Odessa is the clearest example of the fact that the republic, established with the breakup of the Soviet Union, offers – along with ancient and authentic traditions – a modern lifestyle and attractions for all types of tourists.

Odessa’s beautiful attractions, such as beautiful beaches, impressive cultural institutions and buildings, and comfortable weather most of the year, make the city a popular tourist destination in Europe. . However, the recommended season for the visit is spring (end of April – early June) – when the blossoming of chestnut trees at its peak.

Potemkin stairs
Of the most famous sites in Odessa in particular and Ukraine in general is also known as the “192 stairs.” The site was made famous mainly for the film by director Sergei Eisenstein, who commemorated the great workers’ revolt that broke out in 1905 during Soviet rule, as part of the events of the revolution against the Russian Tsar. In reality, the rebellion did not take place on the stairs themselves, but this did not prevent them from becoming one of the symbols of the struggle, perpetuating its victims, and a tourist attraction in and of itself.

At the top of the stairs was the famous statue of Duke Richelieu, the first Duke of Odessa. From here you can look out over the busy harbor and the beautiful bay. If you do not want to climb up, you can also use the funicular cable car.
Opera House and Ballet
The Old City Hall of Tel Aviv, located on Bialik Street in the city, was inspired by this building, which was built in 1887 in Baroque-Neo-Neo-style style, Renaissance. The pair of architects who designed the magnificent building is also in charge of the design of the famous Vienna Opera House. After being closed for a few years for restoration work, the Opera and Ballet of Odessa was reopened in 2007, and there are now some well-known performances, as well as a tour of the building itself, one of the oldest in Ukraine, and its interesting museum.

Primorsky Avenue
It is possible to see the remains of the settlement that existed thousands of years ago (Greek, Turkish and others), which are well preserved behind glass windows, to enjoy art exhibits throughout the year, from the proximity to the beach and from architectural structures (Including the old stock exchange, where the boulevard begins, which is arguably the most beautiful in Odessa), and the monument of Alexander Pushkin, the greatest Russian poet who lived and worked in Odessa for 13 years. Of the thousands of lights hanging on the avenue trees, and a walk in the marina With the fall sunset nearby.

Perves Market
One of the largest markets in the former Soviet Union, the largest food market in Ukraine today and probably also one of the largest in the world, was and remains a major compulsory site in Odessa. Whether you are shopping or not, you can enjoy the free market of clothing and footwear, second-hand items, luxury items, Disks and even building materials. Visiting the market is a great way to rub shoulders with the locals and be impressed by the Ukrainian culture.

Here are 9 things you did not know about Kiev, Ukraine’s capital.

March 1, 2018

Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, has dozens of cathedrals, equal shopping boulevards, quality restaurants, vibrant nightlife (at least on weekends) and even two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, although the city is not considered a tourist destination yet. It’s only because we do not know her enough, so here are 9 things you did not know about Kiev.

You know that you have friends you call “Russians” and they get mad at you because they’re from the Ukraine? So it turns out that although in the united kindom we call everyone Russians and no matter where they really are, Ukraine is a whole country in itself, with traditions, history and other folklore. And despite what we hear, they even have a completely different language. (Russians!) Do not understand!

This country, which is completely different from Russia, has a capital city – Kiev – located in the north-center, on the Dnieper River, and being the largest city in Ukraine, there are many anecdotes about it,

Kiev is dotted with dozens of churches, scattered throughout the city. Of course you will not want to visit all of them (even if you are devout Christians or lovers of architecture), then here are two churches and one monastery that you should not miss:

Sofia Kyivska Cathedral, an architectural remnant of the Kievan Rus Federation, is the most famous church in the city. The white building with its green domes and the blue bell tower at the entrance were crowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and later on you will arrive at the complex of buildings that make up the Great St. Michael Monastery (Mykhaylivs’kyi zolotoverkhyi monastyr). , And if you like, you can go up to the bell tower and look out over the city for 14 UAH If you continue a little behind the square to the left, you can see the Andriyvs’ka tserkva at the top of the stairs and is currently undergoing renovations, so you may not be able to enter, It is worth the cost if only to see the views of the city spread out at your feet.

So far the churches are covered. Not far from this area you will find the city center and the main street – the long Khreshchatyk, which on weekends is closed to traffic and becomes a busy pedestrian mall and sometimes street performances. Everything you look for – you’ll find here: restaurants, places of entertainment, shopping, squares of political importance, subway stations – this is where everything happens, and this is where you want to get to experience the city. Other things to know about the city and its center: Most of the sites mentioned here: churches, shopping, stadium, park – all are within reasonable walking distance from each other. By the way, if you wondered where to park – about everywhere: allowed (or at least, not forbidden) to shop on the sidewalks in Kiev.

A meal in a restaurant in Kiev is a recreation that takes time. As in many Eastern European countries, going out to a restaurant is an event that can take hours. And the Keibans love it. There’s time, there’s a girlfriend, there’s alcohol – why hurry? So, if you eat in restaurants – especially visiting ones – take time enough and be patient. The waiters will serve and vacate their spare time, and sometimes some of the diners will start the next course while the rest will sit in front of the plates of the first course. There is nothing to say about the quality of the restaurant, the prices or the food. It is only important to plan the time correctly, especially if you eat in a relatively large group.

So what do you actually eat? Most of the dishes I encountered during my visits to the city were in fact typical Eastern European food with Russian influences: pickled fish, meat, potato salad and of course borscht, lots of borscht. In Ukraine you can also find a borscht with a twist: instead of beets, it has a local version of spinach (“like spinach, but not,” according to the guide), so that the soup, which comes green instead of purple, unique and tasty. The popular drinks in the meal (except alcohol) are compote – a sweet red drink from fresh fruit and ozbar – a drink of dried fruit, with a bonfire flavor (really, as soon as you taste it, I have no doubt you will agree).
The most beloved park for tourists and locals alike is Mariinskyi Park, which is above the river’s west bank and overlooks it. On weekends, the garden is full of families, bruises and couples wandering around or sitting on the grass, drinking hot or cold coffee, bought in one of the surrounding wannis.

You can continue on the promenade and enjoy the beautiful view of the river and the other side of the city, past the Dynamo Kiev home stadium and cross a wooden bridge with locks (in the best tradition in Europe), which seems too shaky for its height and the number of people passing by it. Later, you can descend towards the puppet theater, surrounded by statues of Russian folk tales (fun for those who know!) And from there directly to Europe Square and the city center.

I suppose no one would be surprised if I said the Ukrainians drank a lot of alcohol. Lots, lots, lots of alcohol. All kinds. A variety of vodka types can be found in any restaurant or bar. In a standard pub a beer will cost about 30 UAH (about five shekels) and a cocktail of about twice that amount; In particularly expensive places prices may reach the country’s prices.
What is surprising is the two most common forms of recreation in recent years: hookahs and karaoke. Sometimes in the very same place. More or less at any bar you enter, you will find hookahs. Even in prestigious places, even on high tables, also in Western design. Local people sit around tables and smoke high hookahs, served with personal mouths (for man, not for table) and are constantly maintained by local staff. Separate rooms have karaoke rooms, which are always full of people waiting for their turn to share their drunken talent with the rest of them.

If you arrive in the city on a weekday, you will be surprised that most of the places are closed or almost empty, but on weekends the city comes to life and bars and nightclubs fill up quickly. There are plenty of exclusive clubs and bars to reach the city’s rich, tourists and dignitaries in their best clothes, but do not worry – there are enough quiet and simple pubs where you can simply sit, drink and talk.

Some tips and things to know when traveling to Ukraine

February 28, 2018

Ukraine is not Russia. There are those for whom every ex-Soviet is Russian, but the truth is that every second Russian is actually a Ukrainian who has long since given up trying to correct the mistake. Here are some more basic facts about Ukraine: It is one of the largest countries in Europe (larger than France and Germany, smaller than Russia, Greenland and Turkey); Is one of the countries inhabited on the continent; And she is also one of those who flirt with her. Here you go into the picture.

In Ukraine, you should be careful. Everyone says that. Including immigrants from the former Soviet Union and you soon see why: everyone looks scary, everyone has sour faces, and everyone looks at you with threatening eyes. Do not even think of talking to strangers, and if someone realizes you are a stranger yourself, he will have a good reason to rob you. On the other hand, from my experience as a tourist in this accursed country, under the terrifying gaze of the Ukrainians, many people are often very nice. The younger ones even speak English. Yet:

In Kiev, speak Russian or Ukrainian. In addition, bring a phrasebook and a map, and a pad and a pen so you can write down prices to the salesmen and the waiters. Correspondents sent to Kiev for the Euro to see how they would manage in an English-speaking city gave her the grade “insufficient.” Before the tournament, signs and maps were posted throughout the city in English, and the police and volunteers were forced to undergo language lessons, but do not build on it.

In Kiev, there are no dogs and cats. Or rather, not many of them: as part of preparations for the games, the authorities began to purge the city of its four-legged inhabitants using cruel means such as poisoning and burning alive. This led to a wave of protest in the Internet and demonstrations in front of the Ukrainian embassies around the world, and in Tel Aviv. Not that it helped the animals.

You will be surprised, but it’s worth visiting the government compound as well. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Kiev, with boulevards and parks and spectacular views. You can find the court building, the parliament building, and the new presidential palace with a helipad that seems to have been built for Enterprise. President Viktor Yanukovych, they say, loves big things. Just like the huge estate he cultivates outside the city.

It is not pleasant to find out how much Ukrainian money is in Jewish hands. An anti-Semitic tradition is one thing, but the fact is that some of the country’s richest oligarchs are Jews. The most famous is Victor Pinchuk – Eyal Communications, a former MP, a well-known philanthropist and one of the world’s greatest art collectors, whose name is engraved on the walls of institutions such as Yad Vashem and the Peres Center for Peace.

Does Age Difference Matter in International Dating?

April 15, 2016

Does age difference really matter in love and relationship? Or is it something that couples can work their way round it and experience their relationship forever?

They say age is just a number. And, I concur with that notion. It is indeed a number that cannot overpower emotional connect and psychological comfort in a relationship. When we talk about age difference in any love relationship, we are reminded of couples who have successful relationships despite of their vast age difference. Look at some lovely couples such as Woody Allen’s and Soon-Yi Previn, Alec Baldwin’s and Hilaria Thomas, and Michael Douglas’ and Catherine Zeta-Jones. These are examples of successful relationships that have proven that age is just any number.

Age difference in a relationship is not an issue if the intentions of both partners are honest. But, if an older man is dating a young woman to re-assure himself that he is still sexually attractive, or an older woman dating a younger man to seek security, then these relationships are doomed to fail even before they begin. However, if it is based on similar interest and values, and pure love, then the relationship may stand the test of time, despite the age gap.

In addition, sometimes age difference has a positive influence on both partners. More often, the younger partner in the relationship brings sparks of life and oodles of energy to the older partner. At the same time, the older partner provides the younger partner with the much needed emotional security.

But, is this always the case?

On the flip side, age difference sometimes is very challenging especially in social situations. Partners with vast age difference find it hard to adjust with each others friends and family. And, like any other normal love relationship, these relationships have their own ups and downs. So, how do you deal with the differences?

Dealing with the differences

1. Maintaining maturity bar

All love relationships that wish to experience forever have to maintain a certain level of maturity. This means that both partners in the relationship have to accept certain drawbacks brought by their age difference, and learn to work on the drawbacks as one.

2. Find common goals

Due to the age difference, it’s only common for the individuals to have different life goals. For instance, the younger partner might not want to get into serious commitment and have children, while the older one might be looking to settle and start a family. When faced with such a problem, the couple should be able to find common goals and work together to achieve them.

3. Insecurities

Insecurities in any relationship can create a lot of self esteem problems. The older partner may feel insecure about his younger lover especially if they are very attractive. In such a situation, the right thing to do for the younger partner to do is to re-assure his/her partner through his words and actions.



All that said, it is crystal clear that love relationships with vast age difference can work like any other partnership. They only require devotion, love, honesty and communication.

How Old Is Love?

April 15, 2016

People always say that love is a feeling that can’t be calculated or subjected to our own will. It simply happens, or it simply doesn’t. However, love can complicate our lives, especially if there’s something that can possibly become a big problem, like your age. Who would have though that a number can have so much power? And even though some would say that it’s just that, a number, many obstacles may arise. In most cases the greatest issue is the disapproving of your family members, but is this really the reason why you should end the relationship?

It is already an acknowledged fact that men tend to pursue younger women. That is perfectly explicable, and very often it is reciprocated. Namely, young women are attracted to mature men, since they can see in them the necessary dose of responsibility, stability, support, as well as charm which men get with experience. So, in this case, the feelings may be mutual. This is definitely flattering for every man (to have young and gorgeous woman beside him), so age gap is pretty much on his side.

Unfortunately, the majority of society still has prejudices when it comes to the situation where an elderly lady is with a young man. It is very uncomfortable position for a woman, so a big number of female population rejects the very thought of being with much younger man. On the other hand, the younger person in a relationship may start to question the decision to cope with all the upcoming problems. But, what if the gap is just too wide to overcome?

There are couples who are a whole generation apart. This may provoke many additional troubles: the different way of thinking, the communication problem, health issues, and the list could go on. But, here’s the catch: there ARE couples who maintain their relationship, even if we’re talking about 20-years-age-gap. Nowadays, when we all live in a liberal, more flexible world, why should something so beautiful and magnificent as love be denied? If there’s a possibility to find your true soul mate, does it actually matter how old is that soul?

Let’s stick to the one simple truth: love has no limits. If the feelings are strong and sincere, then love should prevail. In every successful marriage, or relationship, what really matters is the trust, the connection, the unforgettable moments that create precious memories, that special sparkle in someone’s eyes. It is just as Mark Twain once said: if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Why single Ukrainian women interested in marriage abroad?

September 6, 2014

It is no secret, all women including the Ukrainian ladies what to have an ideal husband. The ideal man should not only love them, but should also be handsome, smart and rich. However, chances of you meeting that special person when you work all day long are very low. Luckily it has become easier for almost everybody to look for a partner online. If you are not lucky in your local market, dating internationally can be your way out and this has become very popular among the Ukrainian women.
When it comes to settling down, intellect, charisma, tolerance, loving and caring nature are some of the things that one can ask for from a partner. There is nothing worse than marrying the wrong partner. Ego conflicts now and then are very rare when you get a nice Ukrainian bride. They are very supportive and understanding.

So, why are the single Ukrainian women interested in marriage abroad? There are numerous answers to this questions. The reasons may be three namely: Dream, Necessity and Reality.

being little girls, there are a lot of fairy stories about the prince that lived abroad and one day came to rescue the princess. So a Ukrainian woman may think that everything in life is not how she wanted it to be. This drives her into looking for a man who would take her to a place with no worries and boredom. So for any man looking for a Ukrainian woman it is very easy to find the dreamer and become the real prince from overseas to her.

Most of the Ukrainian women look for marriage abroad because they think that marrying a local man would mean that they end up not having a happy family life. It is quite obvious that the population difference between men and women in Russia is noticeable. This means that the Ukrainian man takes time in deciding which woman to choose as a life partner. The Ukrainian woman will get tired of waiting for the beloved one to pop the question and thus seek for a foreign man.

For many Ukrainian brides, getting married and relocating to a foreign country is not something extraordinary. When they find a man they love, they want to be with him throughout. They know that this is a modern life and people are constantly moving in search of happiness. Having found an ideal man, it takes less time in deciding whether you want to be with him even if the distance is vast.

In other words, if you are looking for Ukrainian brides. Keep in mind that you will have a great and wonderful opportunity to become the ideal husband and make one more woman very happy.

Meeting Ukrainian women has become much easier than ever

March 5, 2014

Meeting Ukrainian women has become much easier than ever. This is because there is a huge gap between the number of males and females in Russia and the society looks down on unwedded, childless women. This reason has made Ukrainian women prepare to meet any men especially those from the western nations. Be aware, there are many fraudulent websites with the capabilities of making your experience in meeting these women disastrous so check on the website’s reputation before fully engaging yourself. The following are the steps on how to meet Ukrainian women.

1. The first step is finding a reputable website that specializes in giving opportunities to meet women from Russia. Read testimonial and reviews from previous men who have used the same service just to make sure it has a good reputation.

2. Register and create a profile about yourself. Take note there is a high competition for these women’s attention and therefore get as detailed as the site allows. Be honest and upfront about yourself.

3. Find women whom you are attracted to by browsing their profile. Most sites give their clients the privilege of picking and saving their favorites as they are browsing.

4. Contact the women you have laid your interest in via email or even the phone call or by mailing. In most cases, email is often the preferred means since they are fast and convenient. However, it is important you realize that most reputable companies handle the initial communication and translation hence the email might take time before they reach the correct recipient. Therefore, it is advisable to send several letters to several women since most of them get letters from different men and incase some of them decide not to respond, you will still be in the right place.

5. Arrange for a face-to-face meeting with her. You will have to arrange for your trip abroad since it will be very difficult for her to get a tourist visa. During the visits, ensure that you save the receipts from your travel. These receipts will be enough evidence of your existing relationship and it will be easy to prove that to the immigration officer when you will be bringing her back into your country. The first meeting with the Ukrainian girl is very critical and it is a common tradition that you carry a gift for her and her family. Most Ukrainian women are simple; a simple bouquet of flowers for her and a few souvenirs from your country to her parents and siblings often creates a good impression about yourself.


Ukrainian women want equality in their relationships and marriages

February 22, 2014

Ukrainian women are among the most amazing brides across the world, but the fact that they are too much into online dating has led to plenty of negative talks about their credibility as life partners and their general code of conduct. Some blogs and online dating reviews have and are still busy spreading baseless rumors and disgusting myths about Ukrainian women in a bid to demoralize potential suitors from approaching Ukrainian women for a hand in marriage. However, if you are seriously looking for a Ukrainian bride for a lifetime companion, such negativity should not worry you too much. Ukrainian women are the exact opposite of all the bad things people say about them. Otherwise, here are some of the real facts about Ukrainian women.


Ukrainian women are hardworking and industrious 

Unlike other western women, Ukrainian brides are hardworking. The school of thought that these beautiful women are lazy and only want to fed by their men is wrong and unwarranted. A typical Ukrainian woman likes to work and earn her own money. Even if the husband is able enough to provide her with everything, a Ukrainian woman cannot afford to sit at home and wait for incentives and gifts from her husband. Instead, she goes out to seek employment to subsidize what her man is bringing home. 


Ukrainian women are more concerned with inner beauty as opposed to outside looks and wealth  

Contrary to the general opinion, Ukrainian women are not out to hunt for handsome and wealthy men all over the internet. These women are not like some of the western women, who love based on beauty and wealth. To the contrary, a Ukrainian woman will want to have a man who is so true and genuine even if the man is not financially stable or charming in the way he looks. Therefore, don’t be scared away by what people say about Ukrainian women, when the reality is so different from what people think.


Ukrainian women want equality in their relationships and marriages 

Ukrainian women don’t like to be treated like housewives and be controlled totally by their men. Instead, they always want to have equal roles in their relationships and marriages. Therefore, you need rubbish the silly rumors going over the internet that Ukrainian women like to be ruled by their husbands. In addition, you must not let such baseless criticisms prevent you from finding real love by finding a Ukrainian bride.

Interesting facts about Ukrainian women that will simply amaze you

February 4, 2014

Every country in this world is different in terms of its politics, its economy and its culture. Moreover, men and women are also different when looked at from the perspective of their home countries. For example, Ukrainian women are very different from the rest of the world’s women in certain respects. This is because they grow in different cultural, religious and economic settings as compared to other women from the rest of the world. Here are some interesting facts about Ukrainian women that will simply amaze you.

Ukrainian Women Are Highly Intellectual

Ukraine was home to the Soviet regime for decades. The Soviets had a flawed economic system but they placed a great emphasis on the education of each citizen. The current government in Ukraine still pursues this policy under a capitalistic system. This is why over ninety-two percent of all Ukrainians have completed secondary school. Therefore, it is not surprising for you to find Ukrainian women who are beautiful in addition to possessing an in-depth knowledge of world affairs, economics, politics and even science.

Ukrainian Women Love Style and Comfort

Can you imagine growing up in Ukraine’s bitter cold? Well, Ukrainian women have lived with this cold all their lives. Therefore, a Ukrainian woman’s love for fur coats should not come as a surprise to you. These coats keep them warm in the harsh Ukrainian weather in addition to being a fashion accessory. You should also note that Ukraine has had and still has very close connection with Asia. Trading in silver, gold and other precious stones has always defined this connection with Asia. This is why Ukrainian women have developed a taste for fine jewellery including precious stones.

Ukrainian Women Are Extremely Sexy and Beautiful

Unlike many other women from the rest of the world, Ukrainian women live in a cold climate that is not harsh to their skin texture or complexion. These women also have a touch of Asian and European hereditary traits. These traits make them look different and extremely pleasant to people from outside Ukraine. Moreover, most Ukrainian women have a sand-clock shape. This makes their curves all the more attractive to non-Ukrainians.
These are all the facts that you need to know about Ukrainian women. As you can now tell, they would make lovely companions for any man and not just Ukrainian men. Go on. Try to spark up a relationship with a Ukrainian woman today and see if it works out.


Irina ,37

Irina ,37

Liliya, 38

Liliya, 38

Ludmila, 50

Ludmila,  50

Elena, 40

Elena, 40

Liliya, 44

Liliya,  44

Anna, 30

Anna, 30

Nadezda, 47

Nadezda, 47

Tatiana, 43

Tatiana, 43

Zlata, 38

Zlata, 38

Ekaterina, 27

Ekaterina, 27

Dasha, 44

Dasha, 44

Anastasia, 23

Anastasia, 23

Natalia, 40

Natalia, 40

Yaroslava, 20

Yaroslava, 20

Katrin, 41

Katrin, 41

Nataliya, 42

Nataliya, 42

Alexandra, 31

Alexandra,  31

Irena, 34

Irena, 34

Elena, 34

Elena,  34

Natalia, 39

Natalia, 39

Vladlena, 22

 Vladlena,  22